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Seascale BMX Pump Track – Case Study

March 15, 2022

Connor shows off some moves at the Seascale BMX Pump Track


Seascale BMX Pump Track – awarded £47,801

One of the first projects to be awarded a grant through the Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) Programme’s Community Investment Funding is Seascale BMX Pump Track.

The well-used local facility was built 13 years ago through public fundraising and has attracted a lot of children and young people over the years.

It’s a facility which is ready for a revamp and Seascale Parish Councillor Lizzie Mawson took the opportunity of applying for Community Investment Funding to do just that.

As part of the search for a suitable site to build a Geological Disposal Facility, the Mid Copeland GDF Community Partnership has formed and includes the electoral wards of Gosforth & Seascale and Beckermet.

Its formation in November 2021 has given access to £1million Community Investment Funding per year to benefit people living in those wards, as discussions progress around what a GDF could mean locally.

Lizzie applied for funding for a revamp of the village BMX Pump Track in Seascale and was awarded £47,801.

She said: “It’s absolutely wonderful to have the funding for this local facility – the children and young people come from far and wide to use it. This grant will enable us to do much needed work before the track falls into disrepair.

“It means we can resurface the track, provide fencing, pedestrianise the area, improve the seating and provide litter bins. It’s brilliant news for the community.”

Match funding is not required when applying for Community Investment Funding, however a huge fundraising effort has been made in the local community over the past 18 months – adding a further £9,600 to the project.

Lizzie said: “The funding was very accessible and the support from the Community Investment Team was excellent. As you don’t require match funding, the process was much quicker, making projects become a reality much sooner.

“I would encourage other organisations in the area to do the same, there are no end of projects which could be done – we’re already moving onto our next one!”